Our Staff

Turning Point succeeds because of our knowledgable, dedicated staff and volunteers.


Sara Chard

TP Staff member

Sara is the Program Lead of the Recovery Coach in the Emergency Department Program and the New Moms Recovery Support Network Team. Sara is passionate about changing systems that prevent people from getting the care they need, and is thrilled to be part of the Turning Point team.

Abigail Bray

TP Volunteer and Storyteller

Abby has been a volunteer at Turning Point since sometime in October 2020, has been in recovery for the past 9 years and just accepted the position of Communications Coordinator at COSU (Consortium on Substance Use). She loves the outdoors, music, dancing, peopling, and talking about recovery! She just got accepted to grad school for Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is super excited!

Thomas Nelson

Recovery Coach and Smart Recovery Facilitator

On his own path to recovery, Thomas sees himself as a peer, an advocate, and an ally to those seeking recovery. A lifelong New Englander, he is a father and a husband, with two children.  He also likes to build things with stone. “Something about the strength, weight, and permanence. It speaks to me.”

Olivia DeWolfe

Administrative and Development Coordinator

Olivia is having an amazing 50th year. She has a funky family that is the center of her life. She was a chef and entrepreneur in the food world since college but made a 180 turn that led her to her job at Turning Point. She drinks caffeine in the morning with her husband, drives her two teenage boys around, and gardens like a fool from mud season to Thanksgiving. LIfe is good.

Jason Trigg

Volunteer Coordinator

Jason is the Volunteer Coordinator at Turning Point and also a Recovery Coach. He is dedicated to helping others find their path to recovery.

Emma Stewart

Program Director

Emma joined as Turning Point’s Program Director in October of 2020 and is excited to serve the community alongside such a caring and committed team.
Her recent work includes coordinating supportive services at WWHT with focus on the start-up and coordination of the first Permanent Supportive Housing model in the area, Great River Terrace; Family Services Outreach at SEVCA; and working with adolescents at Phoenix House Academy in NH.  Over the past several years, she graduated from the Recovery Coaching Academy and Leadership Southeast Vermont, and has provided service for a variety of local boards as well as collaborative community-based work in the county to develop local services.
A native New Englander, Emma finds solace in motorcycle riding, writing poetry, songwriting, hiking and painting.

David Toto

Recovery Coach

David has 25 years in recovery. He is married to Nancy Sullivan and has four children; Cat, Jillian, Joe, and William, and four grandchildren; Aleana (Allie), Brooke (BB for beautiful Brooke) 3, Alexander (Xander) 2, and Jameson (Jamie), 6 months. Recently retired from a long career as a high school history and social science teacher, he is also a master electrician. For extra fun, he’s an avid bowhunter, umpire, hiker, and mountain biker. He became a recovery coach to be of service to mankind.


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